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Irma Lagrand and Sybille Schomerus are the founders of Compass Cleveland Relocation, LLC. They have first-hand experience relocating internationally and are passionate about welcoming newcomers to the Cleveland area and making their relocation a great experience.

Sybille SchomerusSybille Schomerus was born and raised in Bremen, Germany. She has a master’s degree from the University of Freiburg, Germany, where she studied law and worked as an attorney for more than 12 years before she relocated to the Cleveland area with her husband and two sons in 2008. She joined the International Women’s Group of Cleveland in the same year and has headed the group since 2009. Since then, she has spent much of her time helping other foreigners smoothly transition to Cleveland. Sybille speaks English and German.

“So many things are different here than in Germany that in the beginning sometimes even organizing the littlest of things could be a hassle. Fortunately our family had so much help and support from other international and local families here in Shaker Heights that we settled in very easily. I am always happy to be able to pass on that positive experience to other newcomers and I am very enthusiastic that Compass Cleveland Relocation not only offers newcomers welcoming and friendly support, but also professional and efficient assistance.”


Irma LagrandIrma Lagrand was born in the north part of the Netherlands and raised in Deventer. She majored in Health Education at the University of Rotterdam and is a trained dialysis nurse. In 2007, Irma, her husband, and their three children relocated to Shanghai, China. There, she worked as a school nurse at an international school. Additionally, Irma was chairman of the board of education for the Dutch School in Shanghai. After five years in China, she moved with her family to Shaker Heights, Ohio. Based on her experiences, she knows exactly how critical the first few months are for the family in a new country. Irma speaks English and Dutch.

“Moving to China with three kids who didn’t speak Chinese or English was a big adventure. We were surprised how easy and well organized the transition went. Relocating from Shanghai to Shaker was another big adventure. I am passionate about informing and helping newcomers to the Cleveland area and Compass Cleveland Relocation will give them the right information and tools to start their life in a new country.”